Choosing A Plugin

Using Multiple Code Generators?

Users planning to leverage multiple of the built in generators (ex. Protobuilders, gRPC Coroutines, ...) should use the protoc-gen-kroto-plus plugin. This plugin bundles all the available code generators together and exposes individual generator configuration via the Kroto+ Configuration File.

Only want gRPC Coroutines Stubs?

Users that only want to generate gRPC coroutine stubs should use the protoc-gen-grpc-coroutines plugin. This plugin is meant to simplify project setup for users that wish to only leverage the gRPC coroutines generator and does not require a Kroto+ configuration file to be supplied.

Standalone Plugins for Specific Generators?

At the moment all available generators are bundled into the protoc-gen-kroto-plus plugin. Commonly used generators that would benefit from being published separately, such as the gRPC coroutines generator, will be made available through standalone plugins in the future. If there is a specific generator that you would like to see made available, feel free to open an issue on Github